Young Poke Weed Seeds with unisexual Pinellia

July 17, 2013
1. Poke weed jewlery in alignment

Poke Weed and Pinellia seeds align.

Pinellia reproduce like wildfire because they’re monoecious which means the plant is unisexual and has both male and female reproductive parts. Visually, both parts are sculptural and other-worldly.  Look closely at how the bright green seeds line up like tiny teeth or peridot stones.  I try to pick them often for Radical Ikebanas or just walking by in an effort to slow down their conquering parts of the garden we don’t want them to invade. Even though they already have.

The perfect complement was found in a sprig of wild Poke Weed with showy red stems and unripe green berries lined up between two tall towers of Pinellia, female on the left; male on the right.

The gorgeous purple hydrangea in the foreground also has deep maroon stems.

Season:  mid-June in Atlanta


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