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June 30, 2014

Hot colors of summer

Most every time we make Ikebana flower arrangements only with cuttings from our garden.

Sometimes we visualize a drawing of flowers in a friend’s backyard. Near Oak Grove, we found these brilliant colors in a mix of
Bubble gum pink classic crepe myrtle
Dark maroon day lily
Oakleaf hydrangea
White buddleia
Orange lantana
Hot red gladiola
Some red tipped shrub, perhaps loripedilum
Native maple leaf

Many of these showy sexy blooms also have luscious curves. Zoom in on the photos; the closer the better.

The full composition

The full composition

Is it only in summer that hot colors like these show up?   Winter, spring and fall blooming colors seem more subtle.

Being given an even keel balance of sun and rain this spring, ferns are standing taller than before.

Paths overflow. Weeds succeed. Every generation gets stronger than the one before.

Season: early summer June 2014

good 3

Close up of golden centered day lily with crepe myrtle and gladiola


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