Blue Pulmonaria surrounded by creamy tones

April 19, 2013


Our ability to share Radical Ikebanas depends on how an arrangement comes off photographically.  Many subtle ones just don’t translate in the camera.  And of course, each image only shows one view of any sculptural object’s many sides.

This photo captures the contorted fringed fingers of a rare white loripedlem in the upper right, echoed again in the lower left.  The camera’s angle seems just right to convey the movement we hoped for.  This shrub-turned-tree was stunning this year, absolutely covered in blossoms reminiscent of a polar bear’s thick furry coat.  Most loripedlems are hot pink.  The subtle creamy white is more elegant.

As an unexpected exclamation point, one sprig of blue pulmonaria really pops.  Buds start as rosy pink and there are often three very different shades of purple blue visible at the same time, adding depth and an element of surprise.

Right behind that is a large tight bud of a rare viburnum as if clutching the smaller blue to its breast.  Each bud opens into a tiny white flower, yet at this stage, the entire cluster is a super fresh spring green.

Accents of yellow-green euphorbia and helleborus foetidus, two favorite winter-bloomers that we let spread around the yard as they please, add one more element of subtle surprise.

Season:  early March in Atlanta


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